A fusion of yakitori and yakiniku, a new Japanese gourmet food, chicken yakiniku

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A fusion of yakitori and yakiniku, a new Japanese gourmet food, chicken yakiniku

"Shokukeii Shimaya Ebisu" is a chicken specialty restaurant where you can enjoy chicken yakiniku, mainly using "Kumano Jidori" chicken from Mie Prefecture, as well as baby chickens and rare parts, grilled on a Mie Iga-yaki plate. Since the texture and taste of local chicken varies depending on the part, we offer not only edible parts but also the whole chicken, without waste or waste. In addition, this business model was created with the idea of ​​"giving local producers sustainability" without forcing "unreasonableness, unevenness, and waste" on local producers. Our restaurant is a sister restaurant of "Yakitori Shimaya" in Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku. Based on the discoveries we have made over the years of running a yakitori restaurant, we have adopted the concept of "realizing the ideal dish" and have pursued chicken dishes that go beyond charcoal-grilled yakitori every day. Our yakitori craftsmen have been particular about their chicken yakiniku, aiming to "go beyond charcoal-grilled yakitori" in order to maximize the original flavor and umami of the chicken. When you bring the meat to your mouth at the moment when the high-quality fat of the chicken melts, it will be an unprecedented dining experience. We have a wide selection of alcoholic drinks, including highballs made with domestic whiskey selected for its compatibility with grilled chicken, craft gin, and orange wine. Enjoy dinner in a stylish restaurant with a la carte dishes that can be used as an izakaya, and a date. Our yakitori that is not skewered and grilled meat that is not beef are popular among gourmets. You won't feel guilty even if you're full, and our grilled chicken is popular as a dinner for people who hang out in Ebisu, a fashionable town with a high level of sensitivity to beauty and fitness. Located a 3-minute walk from the west exit of Ebisu Station (Atre West Building) and an 8-minute walk from Ebisu Garden Place, this is a perfect place for a date or a casual visit for two adults.


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